CAP Anesthesia

CAP Anesthesia Re-Worked


CAP Anesthesia was ready to let go of a legacy system that was causing problems with inaccurate schedules and could not manage their vacation requests.


OpenTempo implemented an automated scheduling system that could easily handle requests and required less time for schedule builds and payroll processing. Errors were blocked automatically and cancellations were no longer an issue.



  • Handled a 375% increase in physician requests while reducing request processing time to mere seconds.
  • Dramatic reductions in schedule build time:
    • MDs: 16 hours to 1
    • Residents: 3 hours to 1
    • Mid-levels: 1 hour to 5 minutes
  • Payroll processing time lowered from 3 hours to 30 minutes.
  • Annual cancellations due to staffing errors cut by 94% – and on target for 100%.

Time for an Effective Scheduling System

CAP Anesthesia needed a more effective scheduling solution. They built 16 schedules annually in a time-consuming process that was not providing the functionality they needed.

CAP was not able to handle vacation requests, nor could they calculate overtime and undertime with their legacy system. Even worse, they were experiencing an average of 3 cancellations per month due to errors in their schedule.

Hours Saved in Scheduling and Payroll

OpenTempo was brought in to handle the unique needs and growing provider base of the practice. Soon after implementation, CAP added several new providers, yet still saw stunning results in terms of time saved with OpenTempo.

The most notable time savings was seen in the physician schedules. With the previous system, 16 hours were needed to build each MD schedule; with OpenTempo, it took only one. Similarly, resident and mid-level schedules now took only a fraction of the time.

OpenTempo also slashed data entry time required to process the biweekly payroll. What had previously taken 3 hours now took only 30 minutes.

CAP’s previous system had also been unable to handle vacation requests. With the switch to OpenTempo, the number of requests needing to be processed soared from 48 to 180 annually per physician, representing the additional vacation requests.

On top of this enhanced functionality, there was also significant time savings. Only 5 seconds were needed to process requests with OpenTempo, as opposed to 5 minutes with their legacy system.

OpenTempo made it possible for us to manage physician vacation requests, which our previous system had not been able to accommodate.
– Adam Gentile, Executive Director
CAP Anesthesia

Prevented: Cancelled Procedures and High Overtime Costs

CAP had experienced 36 cancellations in one year, solely due to scheduling errors stemming from their legacy system. With OpenTempo, that number immediately dropped to two and CAP is now on target to reach their goal of zero cancellations.

Overtime was another area that CAP had not been able to address with their previous system. OpenTempo was, again, able to step in, offering tools to mitigate overtime costs. Using a simple dashboard that updates in real time, CAP can now tell exactly who to assign – and who not to assign – based on their overtime risk. This allows CAP to avoid undertime and overtime completely.

Time Savings and Cost Control

OpenTempo gave CAP Anesthesia the tools to make enormous gains in workforce efficiency. Each schedule built now represents several hours of time saved. Requests for vacation and payroll data entry are able to be implemented and handled far more easily than ever before.

Excessive overtime costs are prevented and the risk of cancelled procedures due to scheduling errors has been removed.

With OpenTempo, CAP has reliable, accurate schedules they can trust, and more time for patient care.