The Perioperative Surgical Home with Dr. Zeev Kain

05-18-16 Video ThumbWatch Video (59 minutes)

OpenTempo is proud to host Zeev Kain, MD, MBA of University of California Irvine. This video will give a comprehensive understanding of the conceptual framework for the Perioperative Surgical Home care model, as well as practical techniques for implementing this innovative model at your institution.

The Perioperative Surgical Home is a multi-departmental initiative aimed at transforming surgical care by improving quality, lowering costs and increasing patient and provider satisfaction. Special emphasis will be given to the staff scheduling challenges faced by this type of multi-departmental approach. Staffing best practices and recommended approaches to staff scheduling will be presented.

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At the conclusion, viewers should be able to:

  • Define the full scope and major operational elements of a prototypic comprehensive Perioperative Surgical Home model.
  • Define the operational elements of the Perioperative Surgical Home model that will enable improved quality and safety of perioperative care and reduction of hospital readmissions of surgical patients.
  • Identify staff scheduling challenges of the Perioperative Surgical Home and what best practices are recommended to address them.

Zeev Kain is the Associate Dean for Clinical Research and the Director of the Center for Advancement of Pediatric Health and the UCI Chairs for the Council of Chairs. He is recognized as an international expert in the clinical management of perioperative fear and anxiety, and management of children undergoing invasive medical procedures. He has worked with more than 3,000 children and published more than 150 articles, changing the way children are treated during invasive medical procedures and before and after surgery. Because of his research, children around the world now suffer less anxiety before and less pain after surgeries.

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