Align Clinical Workforce Strategy with Growing Patient Demand

With OpenTempo, you can support patient access, clinician engagement and cost control — all by acting on more informed staffing decisions.

For Executive Leadership

Make smarter strategic staffing decisions

For Clinical Leadership

Exceed operational workforce, quality and cost management goals

For Physicians and Clinicians

Take control of your most important commodity: your time

Informed Staffing Decisions

Your clinical staff is your most critical resource. You need insight (not just data) to manage their capacity, whether for strategic planning or daily coverage. Our analytics platform provides context for the questions to ask and the answers you need to solve complex staffing challenges.

Mobilize Time Management

As a clinician, your decision support tools are increasingly mobile — and your schedule should be too. You shouldn't have to find a PC or make a call to swap a shift or request time off. Take OpenTempo with you and take control of your work time management.

Why Customers Choose OpenTempo

Automated scheduling drives the "when and where" of clinical work

Time Tracking supports productivity by clarifying how long every task takes.

Compensation tools verify accurate payment for that work

Workforce Analytics matches productivity with production

Open to learning more?

OpenTempo’s aligns your clinical staffing approach with the growing demand for your services. Find out how we can evolve your workforce strategy.

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