Mobile Scheduling & Assignment Management

Mobile Scheduling

Clinicians demand access to information – both clinical and non-clinical – as they move through their diverse and often complex responsibilities. And with the ubiquity of smart devices in daily life, our desire for instant access will only grow. 88% of clinicians use a smartphone in daily practice according to one recent study.1 So shouldn’t you minimally expect to have complete and comprehensive access to and control over your schedule right from your smartphone or tablet?

OpenTempo mobile scheduling app
Interactive Monthly Calendar View

OpenTempo Mobile: Full functionality in your chosen mobile format

Adaptable to any modern mobile platform, the OpenTempo Mobile scheduling app offers clinicians complete access right from your chosen smart device. We replicate 100% of our rule-based desktop functions and decision-support tools in OpenTempo Mobile. OpenTempo users enjoy full functionality on their mobile device.  Using contemporary, everyday mobile tools, OpenTempo Mobile promotes self-service and enables you to navigate quickly and efficiently to find what you need and take the action you require. OpenTempo Mobile gives you the freedom to:

  • Immediately access your current, previous and upcoming assignments in daily or full monthly views. The 30-day calendar view allows you to see your schedule “at a glance” and even provides decision-support, in the form of color coding, to aid any requests you might make. This makes self-service rapid and easy while at the same time reducing administrative burden.
  • Make informed schedule requests directly from OpenTempo Mobile supported by organizational rules and policies as well as personal information like PTO accrual balances. Add notes to your requests and even enable auto-approval if they meet your organization’s requirements.
  • Dynamically create or respond to opportunities to swap assignments with your colleagues with the automated support og built-in rules and policies.  Use OpenTempo’s mobile swaps feature to exchange one or more assignments in a single transaction with your peers, allowing them to respond or accept immediately.
  • View your colleagues’ assignments and contact information (with appropriate permissions) including full team calendars and on-call schedules. Communicate directly from the application using familiar mobile tools. Call, text or securely message directly from the schedule.
  • Quickly find people, roles, assignments, or even facilities using OpenTempo Mobile’s powerful search tools.
  • Integrate your OpenTempo schedule information directly into your chosen calendar platform including iCal or Outlook. If your organization integrates data from your EHR or patient scheduling system, that case or appointment data is also immediately available on your mobile device.
  • The OpenTempo Mobile scheduling app also integrates with leading clinical communication platforms like TigerTextTM



1. “Doctor’s use of medical devices in the clinical setting:  A mixed methods study”, Nerminathanet al., Internal Medicine Journal, March 5 2017