Clinical Workforce Management Solutions

With OpenTempo, your healthcare organization has access to the enterprise workforce management tools, advanced analytics and supporting services you need in order to align your staffing strategy with the evolving demand for patient care services. You can rely on OpenTempo and our integrated, cloud-based platform to help you:

  • Manage scheduling of clinical work assignments for physicians and associated care team members across service lines and sites of care
  • Provide transparency to work assignments for clinicians including “self-service” changes to those assignments within established rules and policies
  • Understand how long work takes to perform by measuring activity for productivity and cost accounting purposes with Time Tracking
  • Calculate the expense associated with clinical work through management of complex compensation rules including overtime and premium pay
  • Inform workforce strategy and operational performance through Clinical Labor Analytics

Improve operational efficiency, optimize workforce expense and enhance clinician engagement and satisfaction with OpenTempo.


Rule-based Clinical Workforce Scheduling

OpenTempo helps service lines and physicians automatically create balanced schedules honoring preferences and policies.

Time Tracking and Compensation Management

OpenTempo automates complex pay rules to calculate incentive pay, giving clinicians complete transparency to their earnings.

Enabling Change and Ensuring Success

With the cultural impact inherent in clinical workforce programs, our expert service team specializes in managing change.

Why do Healthcare Organizations Choose OpenTempo?

100% mobile experience for clinicians

Market-leading Analytics

Support for Enterprise-wide deployment

An integrated, cloud-based solution

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OpenTempo’s aligns your clinical staffing approach with the growing demand for your services. Find out how we can evolve your workforce strategy.

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