OpenTempo: The leading innovator in physician scheduling and clinical labor analytics

For Health Systems
For Health Systems

Evolve your staffing strategy to fuel growth

For Practices and Clinical Departments
For Practices and Clinical Departments

Increase operational efficiency

For Physicians and Clinicians
For Physicians and Clinicians

Monitor and manage your valuable time

Automate Scheduling

Automatically create balanced physician schedules that honor both clinician preference and practice policy. OpenTempo tools create transparency and allow clinicians to change assignments in a controlled manner.

OpenTempo physician scheduling automation is more sophisticated and better performing than any vendor in the market.

Enterprise On-call Scheduling

OpenTempo delivers a mature enterprise on-call solution that provides users with robust searching of all call data including search by: people, locations, departments, flow pagers, landlines, and more.

With OpenTempo on call scheduling, users have the ability to aggregate and publish team schedules across the enterprise and easily view who is available.


OpenTempo was first to market with clinical labor analytics. We continue to elevate the gold standard by providing data that tells you how to maximize your clinical resources by building a better schedule.

We deliver predictive labor analytics for planning and budgeting based on real data and real results.

Implementation and service

OpenTempo delivers a fast time to value with implementation tailored to your specific needs and we have the ongoing service and clinical depth to help you on the road to operational excellence.

OpenTempo’s ongoing service relationship guarantees service continuity at all levels of the organization.

Wage and Compensation

OpenTempo delivers wage, compensation, and cost tracking system with over ten years of technical depth. Our system meets the complexity of your organization and allows you to produce more accurate clinical compensation with less effort.

Our budgeting and costing is detailed and accurate, empowering you to have a full picture of your clinical labor cost.

Why Customers Choose OpenTempo

Why Customers Choose OpenTempo

Automated scheduling drives the "when and where" of clinical work

Why Customers Choose OpenTempo

Time Tracking supports productivity by clarifying how long every task takes.

Why Customers Choose OpenTempo

Compensation tools verify accurate payment for that work

Why Customers Choose OpenTempo

Workforce Analytics matches productivity with production

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