August 9, 2018

3 Quick Ways Physician Call Schedule Software Relieves Stress

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Written by: James Nichols  |  Share:

Physician call schedule software can make your life easier.

Being a physician is stressful enough, so the last thing you need is a scheduling system that adds to your stress levels.

Luckily, a good physician call schedule software can actually reduce some of the stress and frustrations inherent in your work.

It can ...

1. Let you plan days off without hassle.

Requesting vacation days, or even days off for CME or conferences, can be a struggle in any large practice. First, there is the eternal conflict of everybody wanting the same days off. Then, there is the frustrating dance that begins between Decision-Support-for-Requestsyou and the scheduler.

You know how that goes - first, you ask for your day off. Then, the scheduler checks that day against your vacation credits - and against every other clinical rule and policy you have at your facility. Very likely, they tell you the day is not available - and the dance begins again.

A better system would be if you could be shown a color-coded calendar of what days were available to you, based on your remaining vacation credits, as well as your specific clinical specialties and certifications.

That would allow you to avoid the scheduling dance entirely, while making it easy for you to figure out when you can plan for days off.

End result: Less hassle.

2. Relieve you of checking email or bulletin boards for schedule updates.

A lot of physician call scheduling systems are updated through the rather clunky methods of sending emails or posting paper updates on a bulletin board. While better than carrier pigeon, these methods still require you to sift through all your emails to see if your request has been approved, or to trek to the office bulletin board so you can find out.

Given how busy your day is already, think how much easier life would be if your schedule updates could find you, instead of you trying to hunt them down.


For instance, what if your updates were sent straight to your smartphone or tablet? What if you could get your updates anywhere you had access to the internet? Just think how much less hassle you would have if your schedule synced automatically with the calendar on your phone, or if you could check the status of your request on your iPad.

End result: Less irritation.

3. Reassure you that the call schedule is being distributed fairly.
One of the more frustrating aspects of being on call doesn't have to do with the call itself - it comes from thinking you are getting saddled with more of the high-stress calls than your colleagues. Without question, some calls are more exhausting than others - and no one wants to get assigned more of them than their fair share.

With manual on call scheduling, especially, it can be difficult to distribute call evenly. And, in most cases, particularly for larger medical practices, solid scheduling software is needed in order to balance the call schedules. That's the only way to keep track of who has done which call and how recently - and who hasn't.

When a computer can show you exactly how the call is distributed and who has done which call when, there's no longer any worry about who is doing more call, because everyone can trust the schedule.

End result: Less grumbling.

Physician call schedule software can reduce stress levels.

It's not complicated - you want less hassle, less irritation, and less grumbling, and your physician call schedule software should help you get that.

That's what it's there for.