December 21, 2018

OpenTempo’s First Anesthesia Scheduling Executive Summit

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On the evening before the annual Society of Academic Associations of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, we held our first Anesthesia Scheduling Executive Summit in Chicago. We invited senior leadership from our Anesthesia department clients to join us for a discussion about OpenTempo’s physician scheduling software and the future of physician scheduling across the enterprise.

In this meeting, we received great insight into the challenges faced by our clients within their departments and health systems, and we talked about the path forward for physician scheduling, discussing at length the rise of enterprise scheduling and how departments can actively participate in the conversation.

Andy Comeau, OpenTempo CEO, Justin Ryea, Product Development Manager, and I gathered in Chicago to hear from our clients from Mass General Hospital, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Allegheny Health Network, and the University of Florida Health. We began the meeting by sharing detailed information about our product development direction and hearing great feedback from our clients on how they are using the product currently and what they want to see in future development. Participants were able to share best practices and insight into solving everyday challenges in Anesthesia scheduling and the business of Anesthesiology.


User Experience Takes Center Stage

User adoption is an essential component of a successful implementation of a physician scheduling solution. Our clients want solutions that are easy to use and designed with the end user in mind. Mobile applications that work on iPhone and Android devices, visually engaging interfaces that are designed with the user in mind all assist in making a solution user-friendly and encourage adoption rates.

Through increased adoption of physician scheduling solutions, departments and enterprises can have a much more complete view of how their physicians and clinical staff are spending their time. This understanding provides valuable insight for all involved as non-billable but important activities are now measurable.  At OpenTempo, we see this as an opportunity for greater data analysis...


Data and Analytics Playing a Key Role

OpenTempo has focused our resources on developing a valuable analytics solution, OpenTempo Insights, which takes the guesswork out of managing on-call scheduling by providing deep insight into undertime and overtime, equitable schedules, and more.

We used the time with our clients to hear more about what they want to see in labor analytics. We are thrilled that our clients are experiencing value in this solution. We understand that data is driving healthcare IT decisions, and our clients will need to have increased insight into their workforce behaviors in order to make the best decisions for quality care, physician and staff satisfaction, and cost. 


Enterprise Scheduling is on the Rise

We also took the time to understand the state of physician scheduling across health systems, addressing the growing drive by health system leadership to purchase physician scheduling software at the enterprise level. We are seeing hospital and health system leaders across the country focus on reducing IT complexity and cost by bringing departments onto one scheduling platform.


What does this mean to individual departments?

We recommend that the leaders within the Anesthesia departments get involved in the conversation at the corporate level in assessing on-call scheduling software for the hospital or health system. If it is not on your enterprise's radar today, trust that this move is coming in the near future and understand how this will impact your department. Assess what you value in your solution and bring these elements to the table. We understand the motivation to move to one platform and will continue to share our ideas on how you can achieve success with enterprise scheduling.

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