May 21, 2019

Is Your Enterprise Service Model Structured for Operational Excellence?

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When selecting your automated scheduling vendor partner, you’ll want to be sure that you are choosing a vendor who cares about the success of your enterprise. Look for ongoing and quality customer service and a technology that is flexible so your system continues to meet your business needs for years to come.


Having a vendor with ongoing, quality support is essential

Look for a vendor that takes responsibility for the success of how your entire enterprise uses the automated scheduling system, not just how the system runs. As most hospitals and health groups do not have the resources inside to ensure the organization is getting the full value of the scheduling system, high-level service engagement from the vendor organization is a feature to strongly consider.

Your vendor should be an expert in their system, so having them involved in the project management of the system is a service feature that becomes money well spent. They will be able to provide feedback and guide discussions surrounding it so you are getting the full value of your scheduling system.


Does your vendor challenge you?

You want a vendor who is disciplined and has the courage to do the right thing for your business. If you are using the system inefficiently or inappropriately, you would want your vendor to address the situation and help you remedy it as soon as possible so you continue getting value out of the software.

Your vendor should be knowledgeable about the system and your company, so they are able to make suggestions that will benefit your enterprise. This creates an opportunity for you to think about doing things differently and improve upon your current system and policies.




Look at more than the technology

Working with a vendor with a great system but with limited service or no domain expertise is a worse scenario than a mediocre technology with a terrific service team. Having a support team who can help you really understand how the technology can be best applied to your domain will be invaluable to your organization.

Take a look at your current scheduling system, is it the service model of the vendor that’s causing your system to age poorly and fail? You really want to think about the quality of service in conjunction with the product so you have a fully functional scheduling system and a supportive, knowledgeable vendor.


Engage in strategic planning with your vendor

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the ax.” This speaks to the importance of planning. You want to think about strategic planning and the big picture of your new system to help guide how you move forward.

Your scheduling system should still be providing you value years after implementation, and this isn’t possible without a strong, detailed planning process.

Both hospitals and vendors can rush forward to try to get to value quicker, but quicker doesn’t always mean better. Many vendors who rush the implementation process do not care about the long-term success of the organization and your system could quickly become obsolete.

Partnering with the right automated scheduling vendor is key in moving towards operational excellence. If your vendor is invested in your business success and has a flexible technology, it will provide great benefits to your enterprise, even if the planning and implementation period takes a little more time.



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