August 9, 2018

On Call Scheduling Takes on Van Damme

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Written by: Jennifer Michelle  |  Share:

When Jean-Claude Van Damme performed his famous splits to help Volvo make a point about precision steering, we at OpenTempo thought it would be a great way for us to make a point about call scheduling.

Unfortunately, none of us can do the splits.

Instead, we decided to focus on the magical impact our scheduling software has on a room of doctors and nurses complaining about their call schedules.

Call schedules are a common source of complaints at medical practices, and it's an epic feat to get them balanced and distributed fairly.

Which just so happens to be what we do.

Call Schedules Fairly Distributed

In the video, with the click of a mouse, we see peace and tranquility restored to the room - which is exactly what happens when call schedules are properly balanced. No more complaints that one person is always getting the worst calls while another is always getting the easy ones.

No more imbalances where some people get the calls they can work from home, while others are continually overnighting it at the hospital.

Best of all, people no longer need to take anybody's word for it that the call schedules are fair. With OpenTempo, they can look at the data and see for themselves that everyone is being treated fairly.

That's the kind of thing that makes your whole team perform better.

On Call Scheduling Really Can Be Epic

Taking call is a part of medical life. It may not be easy, but it doesn't have to be miserable.

With OpenTempo, on call scheduling can be done fairly and transparently, no matter the size of your practice.

That's pretty epic - even without the splits. See it for yourself.