August 9, 2018

DotMed Learns Cost of Gaps in Data Flow from OpenTempo

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DotMed recently featured OpenTempo CEO Rich Miller's article on How Gaps in Data Flow Hit Your Bottom Line.

Addressing issues of disconnected systems and processes in health care, Miller says the issue is broader than people imagine. Miller explains that the benefits of interoperability in regards to Electronic Health Records are well known, but that EHRs are not the only place where interoperability shows benefits in the health care sector. Better outcomes, increased efficiency and informed decision-making are also achieved when staffing data are integrated. These data can be found in staff schedules, time tracking systems and payroll systems.

Commonly, these data are stored in completely separate silos. This creates a knowledge gap that directly affects an organization's bottom line through higher costs for overtime and locums, as well as higher costs relating to delays or cancellations of patient procedures.

Miller also addressed the additional data needs of academic medical centers. As AMCs need to schedule residents in addition to their permanent staff, their systems must also integrate data regarding resident rotations and prerequisites.

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