August 9, 2018

OR Staffing Challenges

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Rich Miller, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of OpenTempo, presented the webinar, OR Staffing Challenges, on September 23, 2015. The audience was comprised of leaders in surgery, anesthesiology and perioperative specialties and addressed time and money wasters in the operating room. This video recording of the live event provides listeners with the understandings they need to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their OR workforce.

Miller emphasizes the need to apply business principles to the OR. Referencing Daniel Gilbert and the Harvard Business Review, Miller shows the value of data-driven management in reducing costs. As labor represents the largest percentage of operating costs for healthcare organizations, he stresses the importance of controlling costs in this area, particularly in the face of rising expenses and decreasing reimbursements.

Towards that end, this webinar explains the hidden costs of the most common approaches to OR staff scheduling. Overtime costs and underutilization of staff are also shown to stem from inefficient – and unnecessary – staff scheduling processes.

Listeners learn to:

  • Identify the 3 most common staffing challenges faced in the OR.
  • Define best practices for staff scheduling.
  • Recognize opportunities to reduce costs by improving scheduling processes.

Additional areas of interest addressed by Miller include:

  • Unexpected time wasters in the OR.
  • Matching staff to patient demand.
  • Staff scheduling as a means of cost control.

Audience questions provide an opportunity to gain additional insights into anesthesia scheduling, measuring return on investment for automated staff scheduling and provider time tracking.

Miller's first company, 6 Degrees, provided custom software solutions to a variety of industries, including healthcare. Using this expertise, Miller went on to launch OpenTempo, an automated staff scheduling and workforce optimization system for healthcare organizations. In his current role as Chief Strategy Officer, Miller shares his knowledge and experience in staff scheduling and workflow efficiency with healthcare organizations across North America.

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