August 9, 2018

Does Your Physician Scheduling Software Count Quotas?

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Physician scheduling requires a lot of counting

1 ...
2 ...
3 ...

That's how Mary*, the scheduler for one of our hospital customers began every day - looking over her schedules, and counting to make sure the staffing quotas were being met.

Before OpenTempo, she had to manually count the number of providers and make sure all the slots were filled. It sounds pretty straightforward, but think about it for a minute ...

For every physician schedule, nurse schedule, and resident schedule - she counted.

For every swap, every day off, every staffing change - she counted.

And, when she was done counting, she had to compare it all to the quotas. Of course, if the number was off, she had to start counting again. After all, maybe the schedule was off, but maybe she had just lost count.

It was eating up a lot of her time.

Worse, her hospital actually had a software solution in place to handle this.

Except it couldn't.

Physician scheduling software is not all alike.

When we met Mary, her hospital was already using software to help build the schedules. It was a step up from doing it all by hand like she had been, but, since she still had to do so much manually, it wasn't really effective.

Mary was getting frustrated with how much time she was losing to counting - and, as you can imagine, it's not like she didn't have plenty of other work to get done.

When our implementation team got her set up with OpenTempo and she could finally say goodbye to all that counting, she was thrilled. Now, the counts are provided automatically - and OpenTempo physician scheduling software shows her instantly when staffing quotas are not filled.

Scheduling doctors and nurses is all in the details.

Staffing quotas are an essential part of building a schedule. So, if, like Mary, you build the schedules for your department, you know how important quotas are - and you know how much counting is required to make sure your schedules are in line with them.

Ask yourself, how much time do you spend counting to ensure you have the right staffing quotas? And how much time do you spend manually doing what your existing software isn't capable of doing?

If your "system" involves a lot of counting and re-counting, or making up for lacks in your existing software, you may want to ask yourself whether you have a proper system at all.

If you're not sure, request a demo to see what the difference would be for your practice.

*Mary is a pseudonym for several of our clients who have struggled with finding an alternative to manually counting their staffing quotas.