August 9, 2018

Top 3 Must-Haves in Radiology Scheduling Software

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Radiology Scheduling Software is a No Brainer - Even for Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson has a (tiny, occasionally defective) brain, big eyes (for spotting doughnuts a mile away), and huge teeth (in case an emergency should arise and he can't find a bottle opener). It's not a lot but, for Homer, it covers the essentials.

So, if even Homer Simpson knows enough to get his basic needs met, don't you think your average radiology practice should be doing the same with their radiology scheduling software?

Yet, in far too many cases, radiology practices use manual scheduling systems that cost hours of time and cause frequent scheduling errors.

Today's radiology scheduling software is a far cry from those post-it note and spreadsheet systems - but you have to know what to look for to make sure you are getting what you need.

So, here are the top 3 features your radiology practice should be looking for in scheduling software:

Mobile Scheduling for Radiologists

Radiologists frequently work from a variety of locations. Even when on call, you may well be working from home. That means you need complete accessibility when it comes to your schedule.

As most radiologists are never far from their smartphones and tablets, mobile access is a critical feature to look for. You want to be sure your scheduling software can sync in real-time to the calendar on your mobile device - that way you'll be able to see updates and request approvals as they are processed.

Even better, look for a scheduling software that offers a mobile app. The mobile app should let you access your schedule and make requests, all from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

Be sure to find a cloud-based software, as well, so you will have access anywhere you can get on the web - without having to download anything.

Mobile access is the way of the future - if your radiology scheduling software doesn't provide it, you will outgrow it fast and have to start over.


Automated Daily and Call Scheduling

Some so-called radiology scheduling software is really just a spreadsheet in fancy clothes. Your practice needs more than that - you need software that automates your scheduling.

Preferably, look for a rules-based radiology scheduling software that allows you to specify your clinical rules, specialty requirements, and human resources policies, so that every schedule you build automatically follows the rules of your practice.

This feature is the best way to block mistaken assignments - like when a technologist is scheduled in three different places at the same time, or when a radiologist is scheduled for call, even though they are on vacation out of state.

With rules-based scheduling, your radiology practice can trust that every schedule you build has been checked against all your clinical and facility criteria. Even requests get screened automatically to make sure approving them would not violate any rule.

Automated scheduling is the single best way to ensure accuracy and reliability in scheduling your radiology practice. Make sure you choose software that provides it.

Integrated Time Tracking and Payroll

When it comes to managing a radiology practice, there is a lot to be said for a scheduling software that can integrate time tracking with your payroll service. With providers working different shifts and overtime having to be calculated, you need a scheduling software that can handle your time tracking.

Look for software that makes it easy to clock in and out (OpenTempo provides controlled clocking in from the mobile application) and that can handle any variation in your shifts and salary calculations. Most of all, look for software that is able to export your data into a format your payroll software can accept. Without that, you will be forced to waste time re-entering your data into your payroll system.

When time tracking and payroll are integrated into your scheduling, you have a workforce management software capable of handling the intricacies of your radiology practice.

Radiology Scheduling Software for Your Practice

Radiology scheduling software enables you to manage scheduling in the easiest way possible for your practice - if you know what features to look for. Mobile accessibility, automated scheduling, and integrated time tracking and payroll are the fundamentals of a workforce management system that will grow along with your practice.