August 9, 2018

How the Right Physician Scheduler Can Reduce Complaints

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Written by: Jennifer Michelle  |  Share:

If your physicians are grumbling about their schedule, there is likely a reason. Maybe the same person keeps getting assigned to the worst call, or maybe there is one person whom everyone notices never gets the worst call.

Maybe one person has hogged all the best vacation time, before anyone else even got a chance to ask for it. Or, maybe people are just frustrated from having to dig through their email or look at the bulletin board to find out about schedule changes.

You can even hear complaints just because no one really understands all the rules you have to follow when building the schedules. When people don't understand, things can appear unfair even when they're not.

It's not your fault.

Whether you are manually building your schedules or using a physician scheduler software that isn't quite up to the challenge, you are doing everything in your power to create fair schedules. Yet, building schedules manually makes it virtually impossible to create equitable schedules; the task is simply too great when you have a large number of physicians and other providers to schedule.

And, of course, different physician scheduler software have different capabilities. Some are little better than a spreadsheet and are unable to coordinate the level of detail required to schedule for a large practice.

Here is what to look for in physician scheduler software, so you can prevent the most common physician scheduling complaints!

Fair and balanced call schedules.

If call schedules seem unfair, you are going to get a lot of complaints.

To prevent that, look for physician scheduler software that can go through every possible iteration of your call schedule in seconds, until it finds one that is perfectly balanced. That means, for each provider, it assigns call based on their previous call shifts, along with the call requirements of their individual role.

It won't take long for your physicians to notice that you are producing balanced call schedules - and your complaint rate will take a nosedive.

No more hoarding the best vacation time.

Some doctors are faster on the draw when it comes to requesting vacation time. Maybe their personal schedule is set farther in advance, or maybe they just make the issue more of a priority. Either way, sometimes you wind up with a situation where one doctor always seems to get the choicest vacation time - and that's when complaints arise.

Yet, the right physician scheduler system can help you prevent that entire scenario. By setting specific periods in which people can make requests, limiting how far in advance people can request time off, and tracking which time is most desirable - and who got it last time - physician scheduler software can help avoid a lot of frustration.

Instant updates via mobile device.

There is very little as aggravating as having to dig through millions of emails in order to see if your request has been approved. Unless it's having to - physically - go to the office bulletin board to find out.

The right physician scheduler software will synch instantly with the calendar on your mobile device, so everyone can learn of updates instantly.

That instantaneous knowledge can replace a lot of complaints with smiles - a pretty good trade-off.

Complaints are not a required part of scheduling.

Building schedules does not have to be an exercise in complaint management. With the right physician scheduler system, you will be able to build fair call schedules, allot vacation time equitably, and notify people conveniently of updates.

That's enough to make just about everybody happy.