August 9, 2018

How to Create a Staffing Analytics Plan for Your Practice

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To gain the benefits of staffing analytics for your practice, you must first decide what it is you wish to monitor, and what results you are hoping to see.

A staffing analytics plan is the first step.

Priorities and Resources

Priorities may include: Overtime and Underutilization, Academic/Clinical Days, Provider Flow, Stress Points, Call Distribution, Request Queue, Holiday Distribution, and PTO Accrual.

For each priority you choose, you will need to list a goal. As much as possible, state your goals in numbers, so you will know when you achieve them.

At this stage, you will also want to review your current scheduling method and whether you have access to real-time data. Data on staffing quotas, clinical rules, union policies, supervisory policies, facility policies should also be gathered.

Baseline Data

A plan cannot be measured without solid baseline data. You will want to make a record of how many people are currently needed to build your schedules and what percentage of your practice's operating costs are due to staff.

You will also need to know how much was spent on overtime in the previous year, as well as how many incidents of inappropriate staffing or short-staffing occurred. In addition, complaints about staffing or the schedule should be noted.

Data to Be Collected

For each provider, you will need to collect the number of hours worked to date for the current pay period, plus hours projected through the rest of the pay period. For academic medical centers, academic and clinical days (current, projected, and contracted) should also be collected. For all practices, data on provider flow, assignment stress, and call distribution should be gathered.

Viewing and Sharing Your Data

Finally, you will need to know how you intend to view your data. For instance, via calendar views or release order. Perhaps by facility, specialty, room, or provider. You will need to know what date range you wish to monitor and what format you will need for your reports.

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