August 9, 2018

Using Transparency to Drive Change at MD Anderson

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OpenTempo is proud to host Nolan Miller, Manuel Guillen and Esmeralda Fuentes of MD Anderson Abdominal Imaging. In this video, they share their experiences successfully increasing departmental transparency through a change in their approach to scheduling.

By codifying the specific rules required to properly staff their department, they were able to use an automated system to ensure their shifts were always evenly distributed. Better still, the system provided them with the reporting capabilities needed to effectively dispel any rumors of unfair distribution of call.

A significant challenge they had to address was helping their departmental culture adapt to the change. The new approach gave providers more autonomy in swapping assignments with colleagues but people needed time to let go of the habit of making requests directly through the schedule administrators.

Most specifically, the team had to work to continually balance the need for administrative efficiency with the need for flexibility for the faculty.

Critical to the success of the endeavor was creating a feedback loop to catch any problems in the system's scheduling logic. They have also been able to do data-driven budget planning based on historical data on their staffing patterns.

By automating the scheduling, the Abdominal Imaging department was able to plan schedules farther out, dispel rumors of preferential treatment and effectively balance administrative burden with faculty efficiency. The result was a more transparent, balanced schedule and a culture of continuous improvement.

Those viewing the video will learn how:

  • Transparency can be used to dispel rumors.
  • A model of continuous improvement can lead to better scheduling.
  • Automation can ensure balance in schedules.

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