September 20, 2018

Why You Need a Physician Scheduling Workflow Assessment

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The clinical staff and physician scheduling process supports your operational goals, but it's easy for this bigger picture to slip out of view when you're focused on the daily grind. Your practice is a living machine and there are always ample opportunities for improvement.

As with most professional endeavors it often takes an outside perspective to give fresh and beneficial insight on what you could be doing better or what is working well. It can be hard to see your facility clearly because your view is too close and involved. A physician scheduling workflow assessment can be that step toward a fresh perspective and increased efficiency.

Scheduling, Cost and Time Analysis

When was the last time you checked up on the way physician schedule management occurs? Or when was the last time you considered clinician and staff satisfaction overall is linked to how you manage their schedule? Clinician attrition should be as low as possible in a high functioning and well-renowned facility. You want top-notch clinicians knocking down your door to work there. The only way to achieve this is to increase your current clinicians' level of approval, satisfaction and happiness with the way your department runs. And one way to increase happiness is to increase efficiency — in as fair and balanced a way as possible.

Physician Schedule management should be a main point of growth and improvement for facilities, not a source of problems. A Physician Scheduling Workflow assessment can measure and offer insight toward physician scheduling efficiency, such that, in the future, your physicians can clearly feel the care taken in creating every schedule.

Aside from better schedule creation, you can offer your clinicians greater transparency into the scheduling operation at your facility to increase fairness and reduce clinician attrition. A workflow assessment can evaluate if your facility could benefit greatly from an increased focus on these important issues.

Additionally, a Physician Scheduling Workflow assessment can pinpoint where cost inefficiencies stem from in your facility. A primary source of inefficiency is labor expense. Staffing strategy is a difficult change to maneuver and can lead to higher and varied labor expenses due to overstaffing in some areas and understaffing in others. Insight into issues such as these are easy to miss, but crucial to fix.

Work Smarter in the Future

A workflow assessment will allow for your facility to identify where you are on the road to operational excellence, and outline operational plans and visions of improvement for the future. It will also provide the clarity needed to decide how those improvements can be made. You can use the information gained from a workflow assessment to decide if your staff has the bandwidth and capability to make the changes the workflow assessment outlined to increase efficiency.

You might come to the conclusion that you do not have the ability to make these changes in house, but that they are nonetheless necessary to implement. In this case, there are partners and technology solutions that offer the help you need to improve your facility.

Step one is the most important. Implementing a Physician Scheduling Workflow Assessment can get your facility on the right track toward better success, higher clinician satisfaction and overall improved facility efficiency.

See what you need in order to get started with our Physician Scheduling Workflow Assessment Checklist. Download your copy by clicking on the link below.




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