OpenTempo clients represent many leading departments, practices, and health systems


Innovative and Competitive Compensation Model

“Our practice uses OpenTempo to manage wage rules that calculate payroll for our 95 CRNA’s and incentive payments for our 63 providers.  Currently we have 26 different complex pay rules in the system.  Using the administrative tools we can make modifications to the rules as our compensation strategies change.  We can do this without having to engage OpenTempo.  This level of control and automation allows us to support an innovative and competitive compensation model.  Our process is efficient and mostly error free.”

- Administrator, Physician Practice


Timekeeping Integrations Save Time and Reduces Manual Effort

“The Daily Monitor has been helpful for our charge nurses to evaluate how many hours each staff member has and who is trending towards overtime- this way they can make informed decisions when an opportunity for low census arises. The integration with our timekeeping system has also helped with saving time by importing schedule and select paycode information directly into the timecard. This way these items don’t have to be entered manually. Through this integration the staff members’ in and out punches import back into OpenTempo to populate the Daily Monitor, and through the new app the staff members can see their punches for the day as well.”

- Administrator, Hospital


“OpenTempo has been a wonderful partner“

“OpenTempo has been a wonderful partner from the initial implementation of their scheduling software to our ongoing exploration of our, very difficult, wage and compensation piece for our CRNA’s and Physicians. They are very responsive and willing to go above and beyond even building new functionality when we need something they don’t currently have. I couldn’t imagine running this department of 150 plus anesthesia providers without their partnership and support.”

- Administrator, Anesthesia Practice


Saved Significant Time and Effort in Managing Our Compensation Process

“We have used OpenTempo’s wage and compensation capabilities since 2015. We manage dozens of wage rules to calculate overtime and differential pay for over 250 providers. Among other factors, these rules take into account the time of day, location, and provider-specific information. With OpenTempo, we have saved significant time and effort in managing our compensation process. Open Tempo’s process eliminates the need for other time keeping systems, like Kronos.”

- Administrator, Physician Practice


“Able to handle every situation ...saving us a tremendous amount of time and effort”

“OpenTempo’s Payroll and Wage module allows us to manage over 400 wage rules that calculate salary, overtime, and premium time for over 850 MD’s, CRNA’s, AA’s, RN’s and NP’s. In addition, we use it to run a complex points-based bonus system for the partner physicians. It has been able to handle every situation that our providers, recruiting department and payroll department have been able to come up with, saving us a tremendous amount of time and effort that would otherwise have to be handled manually.”

- Administrator, Hospital


“We love using OpenTempo for timekeeping and wages”

“We started using OpenTempo back in April 2018.  We use it for time tracking of 160+ CRNAs, as well as running wages for payroll.   We have 26 different wage rules that include things such as stipends, shift differentials, and hours guarantees.  This process has saved me a few hours of extra weekend work each pay period reviewing timecards for our payroll team to process.    It seems to be much smoother for our payroll department as well.  We love using OpenTempo for timekeeping and wages.”

- Administrator, Academic Health System


“OpenTempo has played an integral role in fully automating our payroll process”

"OpenTempo has played an integral role in fully automating our payroll process.  It handles our sophisticated call point weighting and stress factors using both assignment and provider class which is then translated into wages.  In addition, OpenTempo distinguishes between standard vs premium hours, and our providers need only validate their hours directly in OpenTempo.  After each pay period, OpenTempo submits the weighted call points and validated premium time information directly to our payroll system.  This automation in OpenTempo has saved our department countless hours and dollars by minimizing administrative efforts, eliminating manual premium time entry and calculations, and allowing us to focus on validation.”

- Administrator, Hospital