Medical Resident Scheduling

Academic medical centers are tasked with managing residents, along with attendings, nurses, and mid-levels. Faced with balancing clinical and academic requirements, scheduling in an academic environment requires software that can handle the intricacies of both worlds.

Features and Benefits

Medical Resident Tracking

OpenTempo allows you to track your medical residents any way you require – by rotation, prerequisite, certification, as well as hours by case or procedure.

Integrated Medical Resident Scheduling

OpenTempo gives you the ability to schedule your medical residents along with your other providers and staff. This allows you to view the entirety of your available providers in one schedule, without having to look at separate schedules for medical residents and permanent staff. You can also easily staff rooms and cases from either your residents or permanent provider list.

Clinical and Academic Schedule Balancing

Attendings frequently have research requirements as part of their employment agreement. OpenTempo makes it easy to build schedules that maintain set ratios of clinical vs. academic time, and ratios can differ for each attending.

Mobile Access

Smartphones and tablets are the preferred way for residents and attending to access their schedule, and OpenTempo’s mobile app makes it easy. OpenTempo also syncs your schedule directly into the calendar on your mobile device and gives you real-time updates on scheduling changes and requests.

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