OpenTempo Physician Scheduling Software

Has your organization outgrown your QGenda deployment?

  • Would you like to take control of your own physician scheduling software configuration?
  • Do you want the ability to add users, create new roles, or edit your rules and policies without having to wait for a vendor to do it for you?
  • Are you using a 3rd party system to track time and having to manually match time entries up against your schedule?
  • Are you manually calculating premium and differential pay?
  • Do you struggle to get answers to questions like where and when overtime is occurring for non-exempt clinical staff?
  • Do your physicians still email change requests and swaps because the deployed mobile app is limited?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider OpenTempo for physician scheduling

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“The software is very customizable and OpenTempo worked with us to develop a platform that works great for our very complex schedule. Customer support is always extremely fast and helpful.”

– Administrator, Hospital

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OpenTempo is a great alternative to QGenda. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn why leading hospitals and health systems are choosing OpenTempo over its competitors.

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OpenTempo Features


Unmatched System Administation Tools

OpenTempo's administrative suite has been designed to give you full control of your scheduling environment. You can add, edit, or remove policies, create and manage your own automations, add and create your own pay rules, and even create your own reports, all without having to translate your needs to your vendor and wait for them to do it for you, only to find out they didn't get it right and have to do it again. Of course, if you prefer to be hands off, OpenTempo is happy to do that work for you.

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Time tracking

Time Tracking

Tracking time against scheduled assignments, or tracking non RVU based effort is in OpenTempo's DNA. More often than not, our clients enjoy the marriage of time date and their schedule data. Whether they are using our mobile time tracking solution or OpenTempo is taking time entries from an Enterprise system, OpenTempo clients can make real-time staffing decisions to reduce overtime exposure based on what was worked and what is left of the schedule for a particular period.
Wage and compensation image

Wage and Premium Pay Calculation

Long ago, OpenTempo realized that automating the build and management of physician schedules is just the tip of the iceberg. There is beeper pay to keep track of, holiday pay… you name it, we have seen it when it comes to premium and differential pay rules. Our customer partners say it best "

Clinical Workforce Analytics

OpenTempo Insights™ brings together workforce data from across your organization's disconnected systems such as EHR, Payroll, Billing, and Time Tracking to inform your staffing plans and discover what your schedule should be.

Service line leaders require transparency and predictability in workforce patterns to meet safe staffing levels and optimize staffing expense. OpenTempo Insights reveals costly shifts, locations and times of day to help you pinpoint necessary change and focus on increased productivity.

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Services to Support Success

OpenTempo offers a Program Management service model to ensure our clients are successful with their implementation of physician scheduling automation.  Our program management consultants expertly drive change, provide oversight, recommend best practices, and proactively ensure you reach the objectives we set together.

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With the understanding that we live in a fast paced world, OpenTempo provides more mobile functionality than any other solution on the market and gives physicians convenient schedule access, swap and request capabilities, and the ability to quickly find and contact team members.  

OpenTempo is available on any smart device, updates in real-time, and provides all the necessary functionality that is available on the desktop version.

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Let's not forget about the schedule build itself. OpenTempo's Level 1 and Level 2 Automations look forward and back over any period of time to ensure assignments are distributed as equitably as possible across time. Our flexible schedule periods allow you to build the entire month schedule, a quarter, 6 months or a year-long schedule at once, to optimize the composition and outcomes of the schedule. In addition, OpenTempo’s industry-leading templating system allows for weekly, multi-weekly and monthly templates of virtually unlimited complexity, making OpenTempo an especially ideal solution in an ambulatory setting.

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OpenTempo is a great alternative to QGenda. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn why leading hospitals and health systems are choosing OpenTempo over its competit

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