OpenTempo Partners and Integrations

OpenTempo partners and integrates with EMR/EHR, Clinical Communications, Resident Management, Payroll, and Time and Attendance systems to provide our customers with maximum value and functionality.

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OpenTempo Partners


OpenTempo and Amion have partnered together to provide healthcare systems using Amion with the advanced functionality available in OpenTempo, including Advanced Automated Scheduling, Effort Tracking, Time & Attendance, Wage Calculation, Cost Center/Budgeting, and Clinical Labor Analytics.


OpenTempo and TigerConnect's partnership provides a seamless integration between systems, allowing users to initiate secure TigerConnect messages from within the OpenTempo platform.

OpenTempo Integrations

OpenTempo has established integrations with premier healthcare software systems including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, TigerConnect, Nexmo, and many more systems already in use at your health system.  Below is a list of some of the most common integrations we support today, however, we can connect with any healthcare IT system by leveraging our integration expertise and standard web service based API.



Our integrations with EHR / EMR systems increases the ease of scheduling cases and allows OpenTempo users to view HIPAA compliant case data in OpenTempo Mobile.  Case data supplied from the EHR / EMR provides valuable data to OpenTempo's clinical worforce analytics tool, OpenTempo Insights™.

epic EHR integrations
picis EHR integrations
allscripts EHR integrations
cerner EHR integrations
SIS EHR integrations
orchestrate EHR integrations


Clinical Communications

Integrations with clinical communications platforms provides OpenTempo clients with increased communication capabilities such as secure messaging.

tigerconnect secure messaging integrations
nexmo secure messaging integrations



Resident Management

Share scheduling data from OpenTempo to your Resident Management systems.

medhub resident management system integration
new innovations resident management system integration



Payroll / Time and Attendance

OpenTempo's native time tracking and compensation module reduces administrative burden and increases accuracy by automatically providing real time worked and associated pay to your organization's payroll system, or chooses to integrate OpenTempo with a legacy time and attendance system.

kronos payroll and time tracking integration
lawson payroll and time tracking integration
adp payroll and time tracking integration
payroll and time tracking integration
oracle payroll and time tracking integration
ultimate payroll and time tracking integration
complete payroll and time tracking integration
paydata payroll and time tracking integration




Integrations that further support organizational needs such as single sign on and additional security measures.

active directory integration
Shibboleth integration
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