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A lack of physician scheduling software can be a huge dissatisfier for clinicians and can cause tensions and even turnover. Continual advancement in patient care practices and rapidly evolving market dynamics make life as a clinical professional both rewarding and challenging. Given this working environment, you need to know that your valuable time and that of your colleagues is being used to greatest effect whether in patient care, teaching, research, administration, or professional education. You want to know that you are meeting your commitment to your practice and your colleagues, that you are rewarded for that commitment, and that you shoulder an equitable balance of the workload. In short, you need tools and data to manage and monitor your time effectively. And if you create the schedule for your colleagues, you need a solution that turns hours and days of building and editing into minutes of review and tweaking.

OpenTempo anticipates these challenges and puts the control of your time back in your hands. Our approach leverages:

All to help you achieve a more balanced professional life. As importantly, we support your needs without conflicting with your organization’s broader policies and processes.


Mobile capabilities for your mobile life

OpenTempo gives you the ability not only to view your schedule but also to process changes all from your smart device.


Access to on-call information

On-call Services often have no reliable source of truth leading to delays in care and frustrated clinicians. OpenTempo can help.


Connected to support patient care

OpenTempo connects to core enterprise systems to deliver data like cases and appointments directly into your schedule.

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We do the heavy lifting so you can quickly see the tangible value in upgrading your workforce management processes

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