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The seemingly ubiquitous daily process of clinical on call responsibilities is often taken for granted in busy healthcare organizations with bigger, more pressing priorities.  Yet the fact remains that every time gaps appear in the on-call process, delays affect patient access and patient care. More often than not, the issue comes down a simple question: “Who’s On Call?”

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Challenges with the On Call Scheduling Process

That challenge begins and ends with one process: the On Call schedule.  A frequently complex and contentious puzzle to complete, the process is often fraught with hidden issues:

  • Call schedules often originate at the service line level and even through divisional sub-teams lead to a lack of standardization in creation, publishing, and managing changes to those schedules.
  • The schedule becomes outdated quickly leading to gaps in communication and the wrong provider mistakenly receiving calls and interruptions.
  • Designated clinicians typically spend time manually creating the call schedule – a significant misuse of their valuable time and capacity.
  • In many organizations, clinicians contact each other via an intermediary like a call center. Call center capacity is expensive and introduces further delay in communication.
  • Re-producing the call schedule in a health system’s secure communication platform is often a manual and duplicative process. Coupled with the challenges in keeping up with schedule changes, the scheduling process renders the communication platform far less effective.

In short, leveraging technology to support the On Call schedule and facilitate communication is an opportunity to improve patient access by empowering clinicians to connect the first time with minimal delays.


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OpenTempo’s Provider On Call Software gives you real-time access and communication capabilities right on your mobile device and integrates with your secure texting platform


Facilitate Direct Communication through a Single Source of Truth      

OpenTempo’s provider On Call scheduling software dramatically improves the On Call schedule creation and management process and streamlines communication for all our clinical team members across the enterprise.  OpenTempo acts as a centralized On Call schedule management hub that clinicians can access directly from their mobile devices.  Since all teams create their on-call schedules in OpenTempo, the providers can access the right resource quickly and call, text, or securely message their colleague directly without having to check in with the call center or an administrative resource. Integration with your clinical communication platform makes this process even more streamlined. Your clinician can also manage assignment changes via their mobile devices in real-time so team members can trust that the available information is accurate and up-to-date.  OpenTempo is the single source of truth so clinicians can quickly answer the question “Who’s on call?” confidently and efficiently.


Powered by OpenTempo’s rule-based clinician scheduling engine, our provider on call software solution will:

  • Improve clinician satisfaction by ensuring and demonstrating through data a fair and balanced call schedule based on organizational policies as well as personal preferences.
  • Reduce the delays associated with peer communication and thus patient care.
  • Gain operational efficiency in the processes to create, publish and manage changes to those schedules across all departments. OpenTempo automates much of the schedule creation process freeing important clinical team members and leaders to spend their time more productively.
  • Dramatically reduce call center volumes creating opportunities to reduce cost and strengthen the focus of those resources on higher value areas.
  • Linked to OpenTempo’s compensation management solution, the system calculates and ensures accurate accounting of incentive payments associated with the responsibility of on-call availability.
  • With a central repository for on-call schedule information, OpenTempo makes data and analytics associated with the on-call work effort readily available and visible to your clinical team and especially your physicians.



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