Job Description

Services Consultants work directly with OpenTempo clients to provide training for new and existing schedulers, diagnose problems within our cloud-based workforce optimization platform for healthcare, and provide creative solutions for each.

Services Consultants handle the majority of incoming client tickets and calls to the Client Services team, while building strong working relationships with peers throughout the company. A Services Consultant is expected to have domain knowledge of OpenTempo across the application and be able to resolve the majority of client issues of standard complexity, while participating in at least one initiative or project, and collaborating with other teammates across the company, including but not limited to:

  • Custom Development Team
  • Implementations Specialists
  • Management Consultants
  • Fellow Client Services/Services Consultants, as well as Client Services management.

Success Criteria

  • Solid domain knowledge of all features common to OpenTempo systems.
  • Strong interpersonal skills necessary in building working relationships, both with peers within OpenTempo, as well as our clients.
  • Strong Organization skills allowing the management of many client support tickets to completion with a high degree of client satisfaction.
  • Creative thinking and problem solving as an individual or collaboratively while participating in a group initiative led by other senior members.
  • Suggests and acts on ideas to incrementally improve the product and/or internal processes. participates in discussions about new ideas and offers and executes creative solutions
  • Courageous, positive can-do-attitude, willingness to learn, and assist where needed.
  • Technical aptitude to solve the majority of standard-complexity client issues submitted daily.
  • Commitments are made with reasonable dates and are frequently achieved; those that aren't are pushed back proactively.
  • Maintain or foster existing successful client relationships, while working towards building an in depth understanding of client systems across customer-base, and healthcare environments in general.


If you are interested in applying for this position please email your resume to: