Clinical Workforce Analytics

OpenTempo Insights™ brings clarity to the healthcare workforce picture by creating a clear view of the opportunities inherent in your staffing plans.

Match Capacity to Demand

OpenTempo Insights™ brings together healthcare workforce data from across your organization to inform your staffing plans and ensure you meet evolving demands for patient care services. Insights helps balance cost-effective care delivery and clinician satisfaction.

Inform Staffing Plans

Service line leaders require transparency and predictability in workforce patterns to meet safe staffing levels and optimize staffing expense. Insights reveals costly shifts, locations and times of day to help you pinpoint necessary change and focus on increased productivity.

Day-to-Day Decision Making

OpenTempo Insights delivers effective decision-making tools as you enact daily and hourly staffing changes. Monitor overtime and undertime to make better intra-day staffing choices and take action immediately using our core staff scheduling tools.

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