OpenTempo Mobile

Over 90% of clinicians have a smartphone and 85% use them at work. OpenTempo gives clinicians a 100% mobile experience to support your fast-paced lives.

Convenient Access

OpenTempo Mobile puts your schedule details within easy reach, even integrating into your preferred calendar application. You can see your assignments, team members, and even your appointments or cases so you can plan your work effectively. OpenTempo Mobile keeps you right up to date.

Communicate Consistently

OpenTempo Mobile helps you quickly identify which team member has which assignment and gives you the tools to save time through efficient communication. We even connect with leading secure messaging and clinical communication platforms to help securely close the gaps in patient care.

Take Action, Take Control

OpenTempo Mobile allows you to request assignment changes, time off, and even swap assignments with your colleagues from your smartphone — all supported by built-in rules and policies. No need to reach the call center or find a PC. Take action when and where you want.

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