Physician Scheduling Specialties

Simplify your physician and staff scheduling with advanced software designed to address highly complex clinical scheduling challenges.

Your clinical staff is a critical resource. Our platform provides context for the questions to ask and the answers you need to solve complex staffing challenges.

OpenTempo provides advanced workflow management solutions that can scale from departmental capabilities to a full enterprise system. We specialize in solutions for physician scheduling, nurse scheduling, specialty scheduling, and on call scheduling.

With OpenTempo, you can dramatically improve your practice efficiency, and your bottom line. We have extensive domain expertise in the following medical specialties:

Anesthesia Scheduling Software

The Anesthesiology department is a complex and fast-paced environment that requires robust Anesthesia scheduling software. The department consists of specialized Physicians and CRNAs (as well as Fellows and Residents), frequently at a variety of facilities and locations, which requires an enhanced way to track credentials, incentive pay , as well as manage over time risk.  There are many things to consider when building the schedule for your physicians including call stacks, out order, staffing quotas, preference, call equality, and much more.

Cardiology Physician Scheduling

Optimized scheduling means a more coordinated cardiology team. When seconds count, be sure your team is properly staffed with our simplified scheduling solution. Cardiologists play a crucial role in health systems. Automated scheduling, clinical labor analytics, and rule-based scheduling allow your cardiology team to be organized and prepared for every situation. 

Within Cardiology exists many subspecialties, for instance Interventional, Transplant, and Nuclear and having the correct Physician assigned to the Cath Lab, clinic or on-call is crucial.

Emergency Medicine Physician Scheduling

Emergency departments require proper staffing around the clock, and they need Emergency Medicine scheduling software capable of providing updates in real-time.

OpenTempo allows emergency departments to build schedules for an unlimited number of providers and sub-specialties. Using a rules-based system, OpenTempo makes sure every clinical rule, human resources protocol, or union policy is enforced automatically.

Family Medicine Scheduling

Family medicine is predicated on the belief that caring for patients without a comprehensive view of their community is ineffective. OpenTempo takes a similar approach to workforce optimization – that a fully integrated system will always offer more benefit than a disjointed method.

That’s why OpenTempo incorporates scheduling, time and attendance, payroll export, business intelligence, and provider communication into a complete workforce management solution.

Hospital Medicine Physician Scheduling

An organized staff means more efficient patient care. Schedule your large department of Hospitalists easily and quickly so that you be prepared to provide every patient with outstanding care without overworking your staff. Hospital Medicine handles many patients and a large staff, meaning organization is key to ensuring patient care. OpenTempo makes scheduling large numbers of Hospitalists easy with features that allow you to cater to the needs of your hospital and physicians.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Physician Scheduling

Scheduling for obstetricians and gynecologists requires balancing a full roster of routine appointments with the unpredictability of delivery.

Orthopedics Physician Scheduling

Smarter scheduling means better patient care. Manage scheduling for multiple locations and site services shifts without overworking your physicians.

Orthopedic groups must keep track of physicians working in clinics, hospitals, and operating rooms. With OpenTempo, you can simplify your scheduling system while catering to the specific needs of your physicians and patients.

Pathology Scheduling Software

OpenTempo provides users with robust searching of all call data including search by people, locations, departments, flow pagers, landlines, and advanced scheduling systems mean maximized efficiency and reduced costs. Pathology requires the organization of many employees in multiple locations. OpenTempo makes it easy to create a schedule that utilizes your available resources and prevents understaffing and overworking.

Perioperative Scheduling Software

In an environment as fluid as Perioperative Services, making sure you have the appropriate specialized staff in the right place at the right time is crucial, and lives depend on it.  Perioperative Services requires advanced scheduling software that can manage complexity, handle flexibility, and be as reliable as the staff that are being scheduled.

Radiology Physician Scheduling

The Radiology department is a complex environment that requires robust scheduling software. The department consists of specialized Physicians, Technologists, and Nurses, frequently at a variety of facilities and locations, which requires an enhanced way to track credentials, pay types, and over time risk.

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