Emergency Department Scheduling Software

Emergency departments require proper staffing around the clock, and they need Emergency Medicine scheduling software capable of providing updates in real-time.

OpenTempo allows emergency departments to build schedules for an unlimited number of providers and sub-specialties. Using a rules-based system, OpenTempo makes sure every clinical rule, human resources protocol, or union policy is enforced automatically.

Features and Benefits

Automated Emergency Department Scheduling Software

OpenTempo is a rules-based platform that allows you to specify the rules and policies you follow for building your schedules. Clinical rules, human resources requirements, and union policies can all be encoded into the software, allowing it to automatically enforce your rules and policies with every schedule you build.

On-Call Scheduling

OpenTempo’s provider On Call scheduling software dramatically improves the on-call schedule creation and management process and streamlines communication for all our clinical team members across the Emergency Department.  OpenTempo acts as a centralized on-call schedule management hub that clinicians can access directly from their mobile devices.  Get access to accurate on-call information instantly in the palm of your hand.

Mobile Access

OpenTempo’s mobile application gives you instant access to your schedule on your favorite smartphone or tablet. You will be able to view your schedules, make requests, and see who you’ll be working with, plus it will sync with your device calendar to keep your schedule up-to-date.

Fast Request Processing

With so many providers on the schedule, it is no surprise that the Emergency Department manages large volumes of requests. OpenTempo lets you process requests for vacation days, shift swaps, CMEs, and more – automatically. You can even specify which types of requests you wish to approve automatically and which you wish to review manually. OpenTempo screens every request according to your rules and policies, and blocks requests that violate your requirements.

Premium and Incentive Pay Calculation

OpenTempo's compensation engine manages all your pay rules, including complex payroll and incentive pay strategies.  This process is entirely automated, thereby eliminating any manual effort or errors.

Having access to this range of information allows your organization to forecast overtime and undertime before they happen, link directly to your payroll process, and provide transparency of earnings to your clinicians.

Medical Resident Scheduling

If you work in an Academic Medical Center, or your practice works with one your scheduling processes need to account for medical resident rotations. With OpenTempo, you can track residents by rotation, prerequisites, and certifications, and integrate them into your daily and call schedules.

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