Family Medicine Scheduling Software

Family medicine is predicated on the belief that caring for patients without a comprehensive view of their community is ineffective. OpenTempo takes a similar approach to workforce optimization – that a fully integrated system will always offer more benefit than a disjointed method.

That’s why OpenTempo incorporates scheduling, time and attendance, payroll export, business intelligence, and provider communication into a complete workforce management solution.

Features and Benefits

Automated Family Medicine Scheduling

OpenTempo uses a rules-based “engine” that lets you build your daily and call schedules with complete confidence. You will be able to specify every clinical rule and policy of your facility so that inappropriate assignments are blocked automatically, and you can build schedules for any number of providers and locations.

Scheduling by Hour or Day

Most importantly for family medicine practices, OpenTempo lets you set up your schedule by time, as well as by day. This gives you extraordinary flexibility in creating your schedule, as you can specify your needs down to the exact start and end time.

Multi-clinic practices can also decide how much control the central administration retains over scheduling, and how much autonomy is given directly to the clinics.

Full Mobile Access

OpenTempo’s mobile scheduling app gives you the ability to view and update schedules from your smartphone or tablet. You will be able to make requests, see your personal and team schedules, receive updates, and contact your colleagues directly from your mobile device.

Rapid Request Processing

Family medicine practices invariably have to juggle numerous requests for shift swaps or days off. With OpenTempo, you can choose under which circumstances you wish to approve requests automatically, and when you prefer to review them manually.

Time Tracking

OpenTempo lets you track time and attendance so you can know, in real-time, exactly where your practice stands regarding overtime and under-time. You will also be able to calculate shift differentials and export your data directly into any payroll processing system. Also, OpenTempo can integrate with your existing time tracking system to reduce administrative burden and increase time keeping accuracy.

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