Orthopedic Physician Scheduling Software


Smarter scheduling means better patient care. Manage scheduling for multiple locations and site services shifts without overworking your physicians.

Orthopedic groups must keep track of physicians working in clinics, hospitals, and operating rooms. With OpenTempo, you can simplify your scheduling system while catering to the specific needs of your physicians and patients.

Features and Benefits

Automated Orthopedics Scheduling Software

OpenTempo allows you to build daily and call schedules automatically – while perfectly following every rule and policy in your department or practice. You can build schedules for an unlimited number of providers and facilities and create as many sub-specialty schedules as you require.

Mobile Access

OpenTempo’s mobile app gives you instant access to your schedule on your favorite smartphone or tablet. You will be able to view your schedules, make requests, and see who you’ll be working with, plus it will sync with your device calendar to keep your schedule up-to-date.

Room and Case Staffing

OpenTempo provides floor plan and Gantt views of the OR, allowing easy drag-and-drop room and case staffing. You will be able to match providers to rooms and cases, by availability and specialty and prevent inappropriate case assignments to providers lacking the proper certification.

Integrate OpenTempo with any case management system such as Epic, Cerner, or MediTech in a bilateral connection for less administrative burden and increased productivity metrics.

Clinical Workforce Analytics

OpenTempo Insights™ brings together healthcare workforce data from across your organization to inform your staffing plans and ensure you meet evolving demands for patient care services. Insights helps balance cost-effective care delivery and clinician satisfaction.

Service line leaders require transparency and predictability in workforce patterns to meet safe staffing levels and optimize staffing expense. Insights reveals costly shifts, locations and times of day to help you pinpoint necessary change and focus on increased productivity.

Third Party Integrations

OpenTempo has established integrations with premier healthcare software systems including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Kronos, TigerConnect, Nexmo, and many more systems already in use at your health system.

Medical Resident Scheduling

If you work in an Academic Medical Center, or your practice works with one your scheduling processes need to account for medical resident rotations. With OpenTempo, you can track residents by rotation, prerequisites, and certifications, and integrate them into your daily and call schedules.

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