Texas Children's Hospital - Department of Anesthesiology Case Study

"After using OpenTempo for one week, there was no way we were going back to our previous system."

- Thomas Shaw, MD

Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston TX

Full Control, Faster Results

The Texas Children's Hospital Department of Pediatrics Anesthesiology was searching for a new approach to building their schedules. They had outgrown their previous system and had very specific requirements for any replacement software.

“We were a little gun shy in looking for a new vendor,” admits Dr. Thomas Shaw. “We wondered if OpenTempo would be able to deliver on their promises. But we got what they promised – and more.”

Specifically, they wanted to be able to make any changes they required in-house, without having to call a help desk or go through a lengthy process with technical support. Whether they were adding a provider, expanding to a new facility, or changing work assignments, they wanted to be able to make the changes themselves.

The Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology also wanted automatic rules-checking, to ensure that every clinical rule and human resources policy was built correctly into their schedules.


Ease and Confidence in Making Schedule Changes

With OpenTempo’s intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface, the department was able to respond to changing staffing needs immediately

When they needed to add a new ICU assignment, they found they were able to add the new assignment, as well as staff it appropriately, without needing any additional help or technical support. Right from the start, they were able to make the change in only a matter of minutes.

OpenTempo’s rules-based approach to scheduling further won their confidence. Any incompatible or inappropriate assignments were automatically blocked or flagged according to the department’s rules and policies, leading to schedules that everyone could trust.


Providers Pleased with Results

As important as it was for the scheduler to be happy with OpenTempo, the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology felt it was even more important that the providers be pleased.

Happily, the moment the providers used OpenTempo’s request scheduling, they became instant fans.

The providers discovered that requesting vacation days or call shifts was simple and straightforward. The software even informed them of days most likely to be approved, based on both clinical needs and their individual FTEs and accruals.

The OpenTempo mobile app made the process even easier, allowing providers to make requests and view their schedule directly from their smartphone or tablet.


Smooth Transition, Full Capabilities

With OpenTempo, the TCH Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology gained a full-featured workforce management system that gave them complete control over their scheduling. They experienced an easy transition from their legacy system, and were confident that OpenTempo could provide the scheduling and rules compliance they required.
Making scheduling changes was no longer a time-consuming process. Rather than days or weeks spent communicating back and forth with a help desk, they were able to make desired changes in minutes.
Best of all, OpenTempo’s approach to request processing and fully functional mobile app satisfied the providers, making the implementation a complete success.


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