Time Tracking and Compensation

OpenTempo’s Time Tracking and Compensation tools enable healthcare organizations to manage complex pay rules and accurately track time worked.

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OpenTempo’s time tracking and compensation tools help your healthcare organization understand the time and effort associated with clinical activities and how much cost they incur.  Having compensation and employee time tracking data connected with your schedules gives your organization the ability to understand what was scheduled to work, what was actually worked, and how much the work cost.  OpenTempo brings all of these tools together to provide a new, better model for evaluating productivity at hospitals and health systems.

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OpenTempo Modules

Time tracking

Time Tracking

OpenTempo's native time tracking feature allows for mobile clock-ins & clock-outs with GPS authentication, ensuring the correct facility or location of your time swipes.  Increase provider satisfaction by making clocking-in and out easier and verifying that accurate pay rules are attributed.

Use OpenTempo's native time tracking capabilities or integrate with your existing time tracking system to support daily staffing decisions to reduce unnecessary premium pay risk.


Wage and Incentive Compensation Management

Today's manual wage management processes are error-prone and fail to support administrative rigor and decision making.  OpenTempo's wage engine manages all of your pay rules, including complex payroll and incentive pay strategies.  This process is entirely automated, thereby eliminating any manual effort or errors.

Having access to this range of information allows your healthcare organization to forecast overtime and under-time before they happen, link directly to your payroll process, and provide transparency of earnings to your clinicians.


Clinical Workforce Analytics

OpenTempo Insights™ brings together healthcare workforce data from across your organization to inform your staffing plans and ensure you meet evolving demands for patient care services. Insights helps balance cost-effective care delivery and clinician satisfaction.

Service line leaders require transparency and predictability in workforce patterns to meet safe staffing levels and optimize staffing expense. Insights reveals costly shifts, locations and times of day to help you pinpoint necessary change and focus on increased productivity.

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