Physician Scheduling Software

OpenTempo's Physician Scheduling Software enables healthcare organizations to manage complex clinical work assignments more effectively

OpenTempo is available on any of your smart devices and updates in real-time.

OpenTempo’s rule-based Physician Scheduling Software solves complexity by automating the process of clinical staff and on call schedule creation, publication, and management across specialties, departments, services lines and locations of care.

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OpenTempo Features:


Automated Scheduling

OpenTempo becomes a single source of truth for your individual and team schedules and is updated in real-time with permission-based access and publishing down to the provider level.  Use OpenTempo's automated scheduling software to build accurate schedules based on your rules and policies to ensure staffing quotas are met, on call assignments are equally distributed, and that the appropriate physician is in the right place at the right time.


Schedule Sharing

OpenTempo gives hospitals and health systems controlled visibility to schedules across departments or service lines to facilitate care team communication and transparency.  This feature greatly increases coordination and provides real-time schedules to those that need them.


Mobile Access

An integrated mobile experience for all clinical users including integration with their calendar application of choice (Outlook, iCal or other platforms). OpenTempo can and should be a 100% mobile experience for clinical team members.

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Rapid Request Processing

Requests for assignment changes and the opportunity to swap assignments online are both supported by the same rules engine that creates the schedule. These capabilities allow you to honor both policy and preference and give physicians more control over their busy schedules. This includes the opportunity to track or match PTO or other time away credit data within OpenTempo or based on connectivity to your system of record.



Connect OpenTempo with your third-party systems, including electronic health record, on-call communication platform, patient scheduling, and surgical scheduling systems to align staff management with patient appointments or upcoming cases and provide transparency to assignments for clinicians.

OpenTempo’s physician scheduling software also integrates with our effort tracking and compensation modules to inform clinical commitment and incentive compensation tracking. It also forms the foundation for the advanced clinical workforce analytics available through OpenTempo Insights.

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Advanced Physician Scheduling Software

Healthcare organizations continue to invest in their physicians and other clinical team members, however, the tools available to manage how those team members are assigned often fail to take the complexity of their work into account. To effectively align your clinical workforce to evolving patient demand, your physician scheduling software and scheduling practices must facilitate roles that:

  • Require specific skills and credentials of the team members and how you can most effectively deploy those clinicians
  • Encompass clinical guidelines and coverage commitments and the variability of that demand on a daily basis
  • Support a fair and balanced distribution of effort like on-call coverage
  • Drive incentive payments and overtime expense especially with fluctuations in patient demand and coverage requirements
  • Participate in clinical care teams – especially those that span locations or disciplines
  • Include measures of productivity as a core performance indicator
  • Balance clinical commitments against research and teaching requirements in Academic environments.

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